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Will you admit me to CLUBjake?
sure thing
yo jake!!!will you let me in???
y am i not ur friend anymore?
sorry guys ill add ya both
Add me. I'm indian and I love havin friends named Jake!
muther fucker ima a ky sk8er at heart lol add me man ps im comin to ky june 28th
o fuck dj oh fuck lol sweet dude...cant wait..*yes i can** hah later
hey this is DJs gf
this is my new name.. add it. <3 ya.
Dammit Jakey-poo add me!!
Or i wont laugh at you doing somer wheels..*somersaults and cartwheels* anymore...AHH!!
jake... what happened to us? add me
you add me right now
yo what happened to the spinnaz
Jake add me
add me please
add me 2 please


October 8 2005, 22:29:13 UTC 11 years ago

Who are you?
I'm making you add me. MMMMMkay, <3
Brandi always writes about how awesome you are. Add me?



September 18 2005, 15:49:17 UTC 11 years ago

so does that mean... the used only?

Re: hmmm


October 8 2005, 22:26:28 UTC 11 years ago

Um...No its means friends only.. comment to be added if your my friend.